Deeper Water

Book 3, Once & Forever Series

Two people can only tread water for so long


A steamy new romantic comedy with the characters you fell in love with in Darker Water and Virtually Impossible.


My name is Carson Bennett.


The first time I slept with Laney Temple was two years ago.


At the time, I thought I deserved a medal for all the effort I put into making it happen. What I got instead was something infinitely more valuable.


Now, with everyone and my brother getting hitched, I think I’m finally ready for the next big step. To make what Lane and I have better and stronger. Deeper. I'm just not sure if she’s ready.


Unfortunately, life isn’t all bacon and glitter just because we say three little words to each other.


When we’re horizontal, our communication couldn’t be better. And the other forty-nine percent of the day—when my pants are zipped, her bra is hooked, and nobody’s hands are anywhere fun—it’s still easy and full of laughs.


It’s just that last one percent we haven’t quite figured out yet.


Time’s ticking. And if we don’t repair the cracks soon, water is going to rush in and break this whole damn thing apart.

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