Second Bite

Second Bite

A Paranormal Romance Novella

A second chance…

A second lifetime…

Olivia would rather be getting a bikini wax. Instead she’ll be spending the evening surrounded by vampires at the fifteen-hundredth re-birthday party of their leader. With access to synthetic and donor blood, vampires are no longer just creatures of myth. They are out and proud, living among the humans they used to treat like livestock. And, annoyingly, no one besides Olivia seems to have a problem with that.

Her other problem? Daniel. Gorgeous, kind, and honest, he’s exactly the type of guy she needs. Unfortunately, the type he needs is AB-negative.

Daniel hates who and what he is. With no redemption possible, he’ll never be the man Olivia deserves or the man he was before he became a vampire. When she finally starts to accept him for who he is now, everything she lives for is put at risk.

Can Daniel overcome two lifetimes of guilt and be the man she needs? Or will both of them lose everything?

*** This is a novella of approximately 76 pages.