The Heights Series

Urban Fantasy

The Heights not only protects the secrecy of vampires, shifters, demons, angels, and other supernaturals—it protects the humans unaware of the world hidden within their own.

…a world overrun with the kind of darkness, temptation, and danger we only read about, if we’re lucky. Those who aren’t so lucky are forced to live it, to know it, to see it coming. Without the power to stop it.

…a world held in fragile balance by a bargain made centuries ago, one that stopped the endless and brutal slaughter of humans and the uncontrolled creation of more predators. But with every bargain comes a sacrifice.

…a world kept hidden by humans touched by death, only to return cursed to see things the rest of us can’t. To protect the weak, the mortal, the prey, these people have no choice but to pay for our freedom with their own.

The Heights is a world that’s about to change.

The Heights Series

Unseen by Lauren Stewart

Unseen Book 1

Unearthed by Lauren Stewart

Unearthed Book 2

About the Series

The Heights is, without a doubt, my biggest undertaking yet. And for those of you who’ve read my Hyde series, you know that’s saying something. lol This new series is a mixture of urban fantasy and paranormal romance with multiple interlocking stories and characters and plot lines, as well as different races of supernatural beings, each with their own cultures, hierarchy, and attributes. I can’t wait to introduce you to their world.

This is not a series about only two people, or three, or even four. This is a series in which everyone will have to pick a side. Each book centers around a different couple as the two sides intersect and individuals collide. Here’s a general overview of which character is the primary focus of each book. Titles and character names may change at any point up until release day.

  • Unseen: Addison & Rhyse, the most unlikely of allies
  • Unearthed: Davyn, a demon
  • Unwanted: Noah, a seer-turned-werewolf
  • Unforgiven: Micah, an angel
  • Unwound: Logan, a seer
  • Unturned: Graham, a vampire
  • Unknown: Kaia, a mage

How many more there will be after this will depend on how long it takes to tell the story of this world. In between the novels will be novellas about a few other interesting creatures, like ghosts and mermaids and banshees. Oh my!